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Local History Articles 2016 |

Local History Articles 2016

Ventnor & District Local History History Articles from 2016:

Some of these articles are not yet available on the public website – this is work in progress


The Battle of the Flowers: 5 April 1894 [First published 14/04/2016]

Behind the scenes: Combe Wood in the 1890s [First published 31/03/2016]

The Bijou Cinema [First published 10/03/2016]

Bonchurch National School [First published 21/07/2016]


Chaplin’s Corner [First published 25/08/2016]

Charles Frank Guy – A Ventnor soldier on Imperial Service [First published 24/11/2016]

Charles Frank Guy – A World War One Soldier Returns [First published 17/11/2016]

Colin Brown – Recollections of a Ventnor Childhood 1: The Late 1930s [First published 03/11/2016]

Colin Brown – Recollections of a Ventnor Childhood 2: A young boy’s memories of war  [First published 10/11/2016]

A Corner of the Car Park [First published 26/05/2016]

Cycling around Ventnor in 1900 [First published 07/07/2016]


Early history of the Undercliff Part 1 [01/12/2016]

Early history of the Undercliff Part 2: Medieval [08/12/2016]

‘The Emperor of Ethiopia has had a very nice time indeed’ [23/01/2016]

Express to Ventnor [15/09/2016]

George Dennes, Hercules Langrishe, and a mystery house [First published 28/04/2016]


A History of Ventnor Carnival by Fay Brown [First published 28/07/2016]

Victor and Molly Fleming and the Honeythorne Notes [First published 01/09/2016]

A Hundred and Twenty Years of Entertainment [First published 14/01/2016]

Listening to the Enemy 1: Ventnor’s Y Station  [First published 29/09/2016]

Listening to the Enemy 2: The Wrens’ War in Ventnor [First published 06/10/2016]

Local names for Ventnor places:  Part 1 [First published 17/03/2016]

Local names for Ventnor places:  Part 2 [First published 24/03/2016]


‘Nova Espero’ (New Hope) 1949 [First published 11/08/2016]

October 1987 – Ventnor’s great storm [First published 20/10/2016]

The Pacific Glory Disaster [First published 30/06/2016]

Past Ventnor characters: Billy Flint’s Parrot [First published 12/05/2016]

Past Ventnor Characters: Holy Joe [First published 19/05/2016]


St Boniface and the Christmas Tree [First published 21/12/2016]

Steephill Castle 1: From Cottage to Castle [First published 15/12/2016]

A Tale of Two Inns [First published 18/08/2016]

Telephone comes to Ventnor [First published 09/06/2016]

Time closes on Florence Villa [First published 25/02/2016]

Under the Floorboards [First published 27/10/2016]

Up Soapsuds Alley [First published 05/05/2016]


Ventnor & Bonchurch Lit & Scientific Inst (1) Disgraceful Acts [First published 28/01/2016]

Ventnor & Bonchurch Lit & Scientific Inst (2) Fossils and Sunday Schools [First published 04/02/2016]

A Ventnor boyhood in the 1940s [First published 14/07/2016]

Ventnor Exchange Part 1: Ventnor’s Hello Girls [First published 16/06/2016]

Ventnor Exchange Part 2: Hello Girls say goodbye [First published 23/06/2016]

Ventnor Fire Brigade – A Brief History [First published 7 January 2016]

Ventnor in 1729 [First published 13/10/2016]

Ventnor on the Dance Floor  – The Winter Gardens [First published 18/02/2016]

Ventnor on the Dancefloor – Julisa’s Night Club [First published 11/02/2016]

Ventnor Railway Arrives  1866 [First published 08/09/2016]

The Ventnor Town Band [First published 03/03/2016]

Ventnor West – memories from a railway lost to time [First published 22/09/2016]


When donkeys ruled the road [First published 02/06/2016]
Donkey carts and carriages in Ventnor in the 1880s and 1890s, when the best known donkey chair proprietor was Henry Milligan of Lowtherville, typically known as ‘Donkey Milligan’.

Whitwell Schoolchildren in 1918 [First published 21/04/2016]

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