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Local History Articles 2016 |

Local History Articles 2016

Ventnor & District Local History History Articles from 2016:

Please note not all articles are available here yet – keep checking! 


The Battle of the Flowers: 5 April 1894 [First published 14/04/2016]

Behind the scenes: Combe Wood in the 1890s [First published 31/03/2016]

The Bijou Cinema [First published 10/03/2016]

Bonchurch National School [First published 21/07/2016]


Chaplin’s Corner [First published 25/08/2016]

Charles Frank Guy – A Ventnor soldier on Imperial Service [First published 24/11/2016]

Charles Frank Guy – A World War One Soldier Returns [First published 17/11/2016]

Colin Brown – Recollections of a Ventnor Childhood 1: The Late 1930s [First published 03/11/2016]

Colin Brown – Recollections of a Ventnor Childhood 2: A young boy’s memories of war  [First published 10/11/2016]

A Corner of the Car Park [First published 26/05/2016]

Cycling around Ventnor in 1900 [First published 07/07/2016]


Early history of the Undercliff Part 1 [01/12/2016]

Early history of the Undercliff Part 2: Medieval [08/12/2016]

‘The Emperor of Ethiopia has had a very nice time indeed’ [23/01/2016]

Express to Ventnor [15/09/2016]

George Dennes, Hercules Langrishe, and a mystery house [28/04/2016]


A History of Ventnor Carnival by Fay Brown [First published 28/07/2016]

Victor and Molly Fleming and the Honeythorne Notes [First published 01/09/2016]

A Hundred and Twenty Years of Entertainment [First published 14/01/2016]

Listening to the Enemy 1: Ventnor’s Y Station  [First published 29/09/2016]

Listening to the Enemy 2: The Wrens’ War in Ventnor [First published 06/10/2016]

Local names for Ventnor places:  Part 1 [First published 17/03/2016]

Local names for Ventnor places:  Part 2 [First published 24/03/2016]


‘Nova Espero’ (New Hope) 1949 [First published 11/08/2016]

October 1987 – Ventnor’s great storm [First published 20/10/2016]

The Pacific Glory Disaster [First published 30/06/2016]

Past Ventnor characters: Billy Flint’s Parrot [First published 12/05/2016]

Past Ventnor Characters: Holy Joe [First published 19/05/2016]


St Boniface and the Christmas Tree [First published 21/12/2016]

Steephill Castle 1: From Cottage to Castle [First published 15/12/2016]

A Tale of Two Inns [First published 18/08/2016]

Telephone comes to Ventnor [First published 09/06/2016]

Time closes on Florence Villa [First published 25/02/2016]

Under the Floorboards [First published 27/10/2016]

Up Soapsuds Alley [First published 05/05/2016]


Ventnor & Bonchurch Lit & Scientific Inst (1) Disgraceful Acts [First published 28/01/2016]

Ventnor & Bonchurch Lit & Scientific Inst (2) Fossils and Sunday Schools [First published 04/02/2016]

A Ventnor boyhood in the 1940s [First published 14/07/2016]

Ventnor Exchange Part 1: Ventnor’s Hello Girls [First published 16/06/2016]

Ventnor Exchange Part 2: Hello Girls say goodbye [First published 23/06/2016]

Ventnor Fire Brigade – A Brief History [First published 7 January 2016]

Ventnor in 1729 [First published 13/10/2016]

Ventnor on the Dance Floor  – The Winter Gardens [First published 18/02/2016]

Ventnor on the Dancefloor – Julisa’s Night Club [First published 11/02/2016]

Ventnor Railway Arrives  1866 [First published 08/09/2016]

The Ventnor Town Band [First published 03/03/2016]

Ventnor West – memories from a railway lost to time [First published 22/09/2016]


When donkeys ruled the road [First published 02/06/2016]

Whitwell Schoolchildren in 1918 [First published 21/04/2016]

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