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Local History Articles 2018 |

Local History Articles 2018

Ventnor & District Local History History Articles from 2018:

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Henry George Field – Gentleman’s Outfitters: This shop, which later became Stiby & Elderfield, was founded in 1843; the clerk’s desk that used to be part of the shop is on display in the Ventnor Heritage Museum.
View PDF Henry George Field – Gentleman’s Outfitters

Knight’s Library, Ventnor: The story of the Knight’s Circulating Library in Ventnor High Street founded by Stephen Knight in 1849 (first published 18 Jan 2018)
View PDF: Knight’s Library, Ventnor



A Walk on the Downs with Gandhi: M K Gandhi’s visit to Ventnor in 1891 when he stayed with journalist Edward Dolby Shelton and his wife and gave a talk in the Friendly Societies Hall to the Vegetarian Society (first published 17 May 2018).
View PDF: A Walk on the Downs with Gandhi

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