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"To make the past present, to bring the distant near . . . to call up our ancestors before us with all their peculiarities of language, manners, and garb, to show us over their houses, to seat us at their tables, to rummage their old-fashioned ward-robes, to explain the uses of their ponderous furniture . . . " Thomas Babington Macaulay describing what the study of history can do (written in 1828)

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Ventnor Heritage Centre Publications

Ventnor Heritage Centre has a range of books and pamphlets (see list below) on the history of Ventnor and the surrounding villages.  These are on sale in the Museum shop, and can also be supplied by post.

Ordering publications by post:
The cost of postage is shown in the list below.  Payment can be made by bank transfer (contact us for details),  or by post.
If ordering by post,  please send your order (including cheque made out to VDLHS, along with your name, address and contact phone number or email) to: Publications, Ventnor Heritage Centre, 11 Spring Hill, Ventnor PO38 1PE.

New Publication: It used to be like this . . . by George R Haynes (£4, post and packing £1.50)

George Haynes was born in 1906 in Beach Cottage in Castlehaven, where his family were fishermen who also ran the beach, hiring bathing huts and bathing costumes out to  summer visitors.  He died in 1984, but left a typescript describing life in Niton Undercliff in the first half of the last century, saying I have written all that I thought should be recorded before it is completely forgotten, about things that are now totally gone.  We are now delighted to publish his account, which records in fascinating detail the day to day life of the time – fishing, schooldays, working in the ‘big houses’,  transport – even the weekly horror of ‘washday’.



Books: (Post and packing £2.50 each unless indicated otherwise)

Here Layeth – Memorials at St Boniface Old Church, by Joan Gordon (£1.95)
Inns & Ale – Bonchurch to Chale, by Vincent Chambers (£1)
The Ventnor West Branch Line (£4)
The Undercliff Isle of Wight, Michael Freeman (£9.50)
Ventnor Isle of Wight – The English Mediterranean, Michael Freeman (£9.50)
Victorians in Search of Winter Health, Michael Freeman (£9.95, post & packing £2.50)
Wight Wildlife, by Jim Knighton (£1)


Spiral Bound Booklets – £3.00 each (Post and Packing £1.50 per booklet)

Conflict and Conflagration
Old Men Remember
Paddling to Ventnor Pier
RAF Ventnor – The Cold War Years
A Seaside Story
Ventnor Breweries
A Winter Sanatorium
While I Breathe I Hope


All Stations West (£11.99)
England’s Eden (£11.99)
Ventnor Scrapbook (£11.99)
Ventnor & the Undercliff / Ventnor No Finer Place (£8.95)

Society Local History Pamphlets (A4)

We have many pamphlets written over the years by Society members on specific topics. A full list of titles is available in the museum, and copies can be printed to order, price £1.50 each plus postage and packaging £1.50.

Exhibitions, stories, images . . .

"I was born at Beach Cottage, Castlehaven, Niton Undercliff in the year nineteen hundred and six. Beach Cottage was built for my father by my grandfather of the local hard stone which we call Rag Stone. . . It was a most excellent cottage." These are the words George Roland Haynes used to begin his memories of life in Niton Undercliff in the last century; the picture here is a sketch he made of Beach Cottage. We have now published his memories as a book, ‘It used to be like this . . .’ available from  Ventnor Heritage Centre Publications.