Mark Norman Diaries: Dates and events by volume

Mark Norman Diaries: dates and events covered in each diary:

  1. Personal background: Very early years in Newchurch. To London. Boyhood and insights into London at that time. Some historic events. Early jobs etc.
  2. 1829- 1830, aged 13-14: On board ship in Portsmouth. Deserts and escapes to London. Job obtained in Hull (Beverley) loading timber etc. Working on the barges.
  3. 1830 -1834: In Yorkshire; Puppet theatre. Harvesting work. Cattle wagon back to London. Hospital stays with jaundice, bladder infections, inflammatory disease. Finding his father again.
  4. 1834 – 1836: Father’s death. Waif and stray in London. Travels to IOW. Jobs as ostler, building work, smuggling. Interest in geology grows. Clarendon wreck.
  5. 1836 – 1844: Moves to Ventnor. Works on building of St Catherine’s Church. Begins selling crabs and lobsters from Steephill. Selling papers. Rail travel observations. Married 1844. (Wife age 17, he 29)
  6. 1844 onward: Ventnor – a rising town, Oddfellows, Local people.
  7. 1845 onward: Birth of first child, Ventnor life, 1852 Scarlet Fever – 3 children die. Fossil expeditions. Local characters.
  8. 1869: (This very muddled – have tried to make sense of it) Detailed fossil collecting. Geology of the IOW. Fish of the Undercliff.
  9. 1850s (?): Reminiscences of time spent in Charmouth, Dorchester etc. fossil collecting. Memoirs of the Undercliff and the back of the Wight. Stories dating back into 18th century told to him by an old school master. (Wrecks, lighting of beacons 1789?, building of Steephill Castle)
  10. Latter Day diaries 1883 – 1898: Diary format. Fossil collecting no longer. Setting up of the Geology museum in Ventnor. Illness and approaching end of his life.