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Mark William Norman’s life  spanned the nineteenth century.  Born in 1807 he died in 1899 and was ‘A remarkably interesting personality’, as Fay Brown wrote in an article in 2007.  A Ventnor resident for most of his adult life, he was a self educated geologist and fishmonger, who kept copious diaries which are now in the Society Collection.

The links below are to a variety of articles and records about Mark Norman that we hold in our archives, and extracts from his diaries are included in the Society publication Old Men Remember available in our online shop.

The Late Mr Mark William Norman
Obituary in Isle of Wight Mercury – 16th September 1899]

A Remarkably Interesting Personality
Fay Brown’s article on Mark Norman’s obituary, giving details of his life.

Chronicles: Mark Norman – Geologist, Diarist, Politician, Fishmonger, Parent . . .
Mark Norman’s life and family

Chronicles: A Corner of the Car Park
The story of the headstone for three of Mark Norman’s children

The Diaries of Mark William Norman

The diaries themselves have been conserved, and have now been transcribed, and we are working on a project to make them available in digital format.  If you would like us to contact you when we have more information / a publication date please email and ask to be added to the Mark Norman mailing list.