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Built in 1840, demolished in 1970s, Steephill Castle holds the imagination of visitors and residents.  Over the years we have written many articles about the castle and about the people who have lived there, and a selection of these are listed below; click on the title of an article to read it.

At the foot of the page there is a gallery of Steephill Castle photographs from our Collection.

Steephill Castle 1: From Cottage to Castle
The story of the building of Steephill Castle.

Steephill Castle 2 ‘The Queen of the Undercliff’
The glory days of the castle, when the Hambrough family lived there.

Victorian Balls at Steephill Castle
Mrs Thompson, mother of battle artist Elizabeth Thompson,  describes a balls held at Steephill Castle in the nineteenth century

1874: Empress Elizabeth at Steephill Castle
The story of the Empress Elizabeth’s visit to Ventnor in 1874 when she rented Steephill Castle for herself and her army of servants for several months.

The Sewell Family: Henry Sewell of Jamaica and Steephill Castle
The story of Henry Sewell, 1838-1906, heir to a Jamaican fortune, who bought Steephill Castle in 1887 .

Steephill Castle: The Tobacco Baron and his Family
The American Morgan Richards family who bought Steephill Castle and lived there in the nineteenth century

Steephill Castle 3: Schooldays 2017:
Steephill Castle used as a school during WW2

A Ventnor Childhood in WW2:
Marigold Harding remembers her childhood in Ventnor and St Lawrence during WW2
A Ventnor Childhood in WW2 Part 1: Home Life
A Ventnor Childhood in WW2  Part 2: Raids on Ventnor
A Ventnor Childhood in WW2 Part 3:  in the Country (describing her school days in Steephill Castle).