Ventnor Wednesday Junior Football Team 1925

We have many photographs in our collection which come to us with very little background information. Identifying an individual or a particular building in a photograph helps to put it in context, and brings it to life, and we are hoping that by printing occasional photographs here we can use the ‘collective wisdom’ of the Chronicle readers to learn more about where they come from, what they show, and who might be included in the picture.

What we do know is that  in 1912 the Island Football League started playing an additional mid-week league , which played on  Wednesday or Thursday afternoon,  depending on the early-closing day.  This was because so many players worked on Saturday afternoons (presumably they were shop workers).  This photograph of the Ventnor Wednesday Junior Football Team is dated 1925, and the young man on the front row, second from the right, is holding a black puppy that seems to have a ribbon round its neck – perhaps a mascot. Sadly, there are no names attached. They seem to have VWF embroidered on their kit, and they obviously played on a Wednesday, so may have been connected to the mid-week league.  If any of our readers can shed any light on this, or can put a name to any of these faces in the photograph, please get in touch.

Lesley Telford, Ventnor & District Local History Society.  This article was first published in the South Wight Chronicle in March 2015.