A School Magazine, Summer Term 1926

In the 1920s, Ventnor Council School produced a series of highly professional-looking school magazines, printed by the Romsey Press and with Miss R. Buckley B.A. as its ‘Editress’, Margaret Hadenham as its ‘Assistant Editress’, working within a committee that included Brenda Brigden, Maude Tyrell, and Dorothy Westmore, in turn supported by Manager Mr. S.J. Guppy and Assistant Manager Fred Gibbs. Some of these individuals were, as one might guess, actually school pupils.

The magazine contributions, from pupils in the age range 11-14, were remarkably varied. There were short stories, poems and essays, as well as reports of school events, including a Parents’ Day that attracted 150 people.

Read PDF version here: A School Magazine, Summer Term 1926