Ventnor Heritage Centre

"To make the past present, to bring the distant near . . . to call up our ancestors before us with all their peculiarities of language, manners, and garb, to show us over their houses, to seat us at their tables, to rummage their old-fashioned ward-robes, to explain the uses of their ponderous furniture . . . " Thomas Babington Macaulay describing what the study of history can do (written in 1828)

Ventnor Heritage Centre Monthly Meetings |

Ventnor Heritage Centre Monthly Meetings

The speakers cover a wide range of topics and focus on the history of Ventnor, surrounding area and the Isle of Wight. Meetings are very well attended and are held at the Masonic Hall in Grove Road, Ventnor, starting at 7.30 pm.  Entry is free to members of the Society,  visitors are very welcome, entrance is £2.00

Upcoming Meetings for 2019:

25th January              Robin McInnes                       The Most Painted Place – Bonchurch

22nd February           Susan Weeks                          At Home With the Spartali Family

29th March                 Annual General Meeting        Followed by Filmshow

26th April                    Richard Downing                    Ventnor Breweries

31st May                     Film: ‘Ventnor – No Finer Place’ (please note change from previously published talk)

28th June                    Andy Butler                             A Naturalist’s Year (please note change from previously published talk)

26th July                     Donna Needham                    Around the Island in 115(ish) Churches

27th September          Brian Greening                       Island Life 100 Years Ago

25th October                Andy Butler                           Title to be confirmed

29th November            Mark Earp                              Queen Victoria on the Isle of Wight

We would like to take this opportunity to thank all our past guest speakers for sharing their time and knowledge with us.

A Society Meeting

Exhibitions, stories, images . . .

An Evening With Charles Dickens: Saturday 27 July

Our Ventnor Fringe event this yearwill be staged in the Ventnor Heritage Centre on Saturday evening 27 July, from 6.00 pm - 8.00 pm (tickets £6.00).  Origins Theatre will present its entertaining re-creation of ‘Charles Dickens: Storyteller’, capturing the atmosphere and energy that thrilled audiences during Dickens’ own time, with anecdotes, memories and extracts from some of his best loved stories. So step back in time for an hour - and why not get into the spirit by dressing in Victorian costume too? Mr Dickens says it would make him feel at home and he has promised to award a modest prize to the best dressed Victorian! Refreshments and a raffle will also be available for your enjoyment. Please note that tickets are £6 and booking is essential, through Ventnor Exchange in Church Street or online at