First Class Toilet Saloon

In 1905, Wood’s tobacco and cigar store in the High Street was also a hairdressing saloon or a ‘toilet saloon’ to use the language of the day Read PDF version here: First Class Toilet Saloon  

Bonchurch Shops A Century Ago

More than 100 years ago there was a variety of shops and other facilities in the village of Bonchurch. Read PDF version here: Bonchurch Shops A Century Ago  

Seacote, Madeira Road

This week’s article features a view of Madeira Valley in around 1890, and the story of a pair of semi-detached villas on the south side of Madeira Road, Seacote 1 and 2. Seacote, Madeira Road    

Innell Jolliffe – Newspaper Owner

In 1915, Miss Innell Jolliffe became proprietor, editor and printer of the Isle of Wight Advertiser. She was a member of the Jolliffe family of Bonchurch, her father a well-known builder, and she ran the Advertiser until 1923 when it was absorbed by the Isle of Wight Mercury. Click on the title below to read this… read more »

Covid-19: Ventnor Heritage Centre closed

Covid-19: We regret that due to the current situation Ventnor Heritage Centre is closed to the public, and Society Meetings are suspended until further notice. We hope to welcome visitors back as soon as it is safe to do so, but meanwhile our online shop is open for publications and we are making articles, pictures, exhibitions and other… read more »

Ventnor’s ‘Umbrella Surgeon’

At Mr. Wightman’s shop, 51 High Street Ventnor around 1900, you could not only buy an umbrella but have one repaired.  Click on the title below to read this article as a PDF. Ventnor’s ‘Umbrella Surgeon’  

Thomas Hawkins FGS

Intrigued by the elaborate memorial to Thomas Hawkins FGS (1810-1889) not far from the entrance to Ventnor Cemetery, Colin Beavis set out to discover his connection with Ventnor. Click on the title below to view this article as a PDF. Thomas Hawkins FGS  

Before they were famous: the Winter Gardens summer 1965

In the summer of 1965, Ventnor’s Winter Gardens offered an extraordinary selection of live bands in performance on Saturday nights, including names that went on to become classic acts of modern rock and pop. Before they were famous is a new exhibition in the Heritage Museum. Click on the title below to view this article… read more »

Happy memories – Ventnor putting greens in the 1960s

Our weekly ‘Local History Pages’ from the South Wight Chronicle are available here, a week or two after they appear in the paper.  We hope that local history enthusiasts who don’t live locally will enjoy reading them.  Click on the title below to view PDF of this article which was published in the South Wight… read more »

An Urgent Appeal for Help

You are all aware, in line, with the Lockdown rules, the Centre has been closed.  As lockdown is easing, the Trustees are looking at the Government guidelines to enable us to open. The Trustees have allocated funds to upgrade the Sale Area/Reception in the Museum, and this included a straight forward cash register. It is… read more »