Newberry’s Corner

Edmund Newberry ran a grocer business for 34 years at premises located at the junction of Newport and Gills Cliff Roads in Upper Ventnor, having taken over the shop from Henry Burnett in 1923. Everyone had come to know the location it as ‘Newberry’s Corner’ and even when the shop was finally closed by the last owner in 1965, it was, for a while, still known by that name among older residents.

In 1913, Edmund married Miss Christina Winter, and then shortly after left to serve in the Royal Navy for the duration of the Great War. Having taken over the grocery store in Upper Ventnor in 1923, he quickly established himself as a shrewd businessman. Helping to provide personal service in the shop was Miss Myrtle Muncey, who remained as an assistant after the shop changed hands in 1957.

After 1965, the premises ceased to be a grocery store and became, instead, a fish and chip shop, called ‘Crispy Fry’. True to form, this corner soon became known by that name among locals, and Southern Vectis even altered the name of the nearby bus stop.

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