King Charles I Hotel

The Hotel was built in the 1870s, adjoining Crab & Lobster Inn, and originally called Crab & Lobster Hotel. Cass family  were the landlords around 1900, when it was called Cass’s Hotel.  After Cass’s, Caws family took over.

The hotel was redecorated and refurbished throughout in 1905, with electric lighting, separate tables and corridors heated during the winter. Features included the splendid chandeliers in the Dining Room and the Lounge had a glass domed roof. The hotel’s own omnibus met all trains

Name was changed to King Charles I Hotel in 1950s, by owners Mr and Mr Whittaker. He was Polish. Mrs Harris- Barton was the last landlady.  It closed in the late 1980s after a serious fire, there were several attempts to re-open it, but it is now converted to flats.