Wollescote, Spring Hill, Ventnor

Wollescote occupied a very large land plot on the north side of Spring Hill and was built sometime in the 1860s for a Mr. Thomas Pargeter who came to Ventnor for his health. He figures in the 1871 Census, along with his unmarried 34-year-old sister, Caroline, the house then described as Wollescote Villa. They employed a housekeeper, Rebecca Mursell, aged 61, a cook, Rose Wheeler, aged 26, and a housemaid, Caroline Cliff, aged 28.

Tenants of Wollescote seemed to come and go in rapid succession. A Baptist Minister, Samuel Williams, was living there at the time of the 1891 Census. In 1914, the Reverend A. Mason, chaplain at St. Catherine’s Home, was resident. By 1935, when it had been converted into three flats, the resident list comprised Charles Deighton, K.B. Emery, and Miss Punt.

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